Hair & Beard Shampoo

Hair & Beard Shampoo

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This is an Ultimate Peppermint Shampoo specially formulated to deep cleanse Hair, Beard & Skin. Prevents itchy, flaky and dryness. Leaving skin & hair soft and smooth. Promotes healthy growing hair with a cool sensation! 

- Deep cleanser for Hair, Face, Beard and Body. Removes all bacteria.
- Helps relieve acne, oily skin, eczema, dry skin, ringworms and other skin problems.
- Reduces inflammation and skin irritations
- Prevent & Heal Razor and Clipper bumps.
- Fades dark spots from Sun, Shaving and Acne

- Refreshing Fragrance<


Directions / Grooming Tip: 
Shampoo Treatment:
Apply to wet hair & massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly, spray Hydration then apply That Butter.

Face and Beard Wash: Apply with palms or facial brush in a circular motion over wet skin. Rinse clean & pat dry. Follow with Anti-Bump Treatment + Toner, then follow up with a moisturizer of choice; That Butter, Beard Oil or Face & Body Lotion.

Body Wash: Squeeze onto a wet loofah, scrub or wash cloth and work into a lather on body. Rinse thoroughly. Apply Face and Body Lotion after shower.


Water, Coco Pod Ash, Palm Oil, Peppermint Oil, Plantain skin ash and Organic Shea Butter